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Monday, January 4, 2010

It´s been a while since my last post. I actually forgot to publish the previous post about La Isla del Sol. The return to Europe and the adaptation to the daily routine, was not easy and the inspiration to write was not so good. So instead of long posts about my last days traveling I'll shortly describe my route and the activities I had.

I stayed in La Paz only one night. Before going back to Portugal, I decided to meet Elodie in Antofagasta in Chile. The original plan was to spend a day in Antofagasta and then a few days in San Pedro, visiting what I had missed. Due to the change of plans, the new plan was two days in Antofagasta and then, flying from there to Santiago and from Santiago to Vigo, in Galicia, Spain, .

Antofagasta is very cosy city. It's the second biggest in Chile, bathed on one side by the Pacific and watched closely on the other side by the mountains. It was the peculiarity of the multicoloured houses growing up the mountains that made me want to come back. During our time there, we wandered around the city, met some locals in some bars, visited a natural monument north from the city and got a crazy bus ride with some construction workers. It was the perfect way to end the trip. Great company, good food, nice wine and some party.

I said goodbye to Élodie and went back to the hotel to pack my stuff and... say goodbye to a lot of things. Half my clothes stayed there in that hotel room... And my trip finished there, in that hotel of Antofagasta. From there it was a long trip back home and to normal life...

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