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Friday, January 2, 2009


At first I was planning to travel on my own. My friend Tiago, who I met when I moved to Sweden, finished his PhD at about the same time as me, and also felt that it was time to stop and think before moving on. We met, discussed the places we would like to visit and in the end decided to travel together. This is the final plan we came up with.

Step 0: on the 14th I'll take a Ryanair flight from OPorto to London. I paid 30 EUR for it. This kind of the pre-trip. Since we bought the ticket from travel-nation, which is based in the UK, we had to start the trip from an English airport.

First flight: 17th of January, London-Mumbai (via Helsinki)
Second flight: 17th of February (waiting list for the 25th), Kathmandu-Hong-Kong
Third flight: 1st of March, Hong-Kong-Bangkok
Fourth flight: 20th of March, Bangkok-Sydney
Fifth flight: 15th of April, Sydney-Auckland
Sixth flight: 01st of May, Auckland-Papeete
Seventh flight: 04th of May, Papeete-Easter Island
Eighth flight: 7th of May, Easter Island-Santiago
Ninth flight: 15th of July, Mexico city-London

Countries we plan to visit:
- India
- Nepal
- Hong-Kong*
- Macao*
- Thailand
- Australia
- New Zealand
- Tahiti**
- Chile
- Argentina
- Uruguai
- Peru
- Colombia
- Mexico
* Autonomous Chinese Regions
** Part of the French Polynesia

Our plan is to travel 6 months, around 2 months in each continent: Asia, Oceania and South and Central America. Plane will be used in the longest distances, but we also plan to use bus transportation (mostly in South and Central America and in Southeastern Asia), train (India), renting minivans (Australia and New Zealand), renting scooters or small motor cycles whenever we feel that we can drive them safely and we want to hike in some of the places we will visit. Boat is also under consideration for some parts of the trip: South to Central America, the Pacific crossing and Hong-Kong to Macao. We bought a round the world ticket from OneWorld. This allows us to take 15 flights and travel 34000 miles. All the flights that we know we will take were booked in November. We can add new flights during our trip, change timetables. All the other tickets to buses, trains etc will be bought when we need them.

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Joana said...

Confesso que apenas hoje tirei um pouco de tempo para ler os teus primeiros posts. - Outro afazeres como bem sabes.

Que viagem!!!
Que sensação para quem fica! É talvez um misto de inveja com... mais inveja!! ;)))

Aproveita ao máximo - seja qual for o máximo em aventuras desse tamanho.
Traz um pouco de cada local mas não te esqueças que a maior riqueza que poderás encontrar não estará em nenhum local perdido no mundo mas sim dentro ti. A proveita a distância para descobrir o que nunca esteve longe.

Abraços fortes daqui para o mundo

Rui Neves