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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Day zero

London calling, that's how I felt for the past week. Time passing by, a lot of things to do and time shortening. In the end I think I managed to do everything I wanted.

I said goodbye to most of my friends (or see you soon to some) and family. Tried to spend some quality time with them and l wandered around Coimbra a lot. There's something special about my small city that I can't explain. Staring at the old part of the city from across the river in a full moon evening, is just one of the most beautiful scenaries I know.

The time came, time to say goodbye to my parents and take the flight that will take me to London where the big adventure starts. I'll now have a few days to get in a holiday mood and relax... I kind of need it...

And nothing better than staying with an old friend from the days when we followed the football team accross the country. Squash, swimming, sauna were the waking up activities. Portuguese dinner in the company of my travel mate who is arriving tonight is what follows. And after that, we shell see ;). There's always something to do in this city, you just need to feel like doing something!

It's now time to plan the India trip a bit more in detail, since we plan on doing couchsurfing in some places and need to know the dates we'll get there.

There are two more reasons for organizing the Indian circuit. First, the date of our flight to Hong-Kong was changed. We got the flight we wanted, which means that we now have two weeks in Nepal, or we can take a few more days in India. The second reason for doing some planning is a bit more important. Cabral, another former member of the Portuguese community in Stockholm, will be working in India for a couple of months and decided to join us from the moment of his arrival (28th of January).

The RTW will start in two days :)


Migas said...

Hei, tinha um livro para te fazer companhia na viagem e equeci-me de to dar....era para te inspirar na aventura sul americana. Se tiveres um poiso fixo por uns tempos até te eviava isso por correio.
Grande abraço e goza a vigem ao máximo.

Great_duke said...

Hi, there! If you have the time, try to go to the "golden" city of Jasailmer in Rajasthan. It's a beautiful walled city in the desert not to far away from the Pakistani border. I've seen one of the most beautiful sunsets of my life in the desert listening to traditional music after a short camel tour. And the city really worths the visit.
Manuel Gaivão

RC said...

We'll see if we can make it there. It's quite in the middle of no where and there's so much to see in India.

We'll see.

Thanks for the advice :)

Ricardo (in Aurangabad)

CHV said...

Come on! Post some news! it has been nearly a week!