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Thursday, January 8, 2009

The big day is coming

Finally time to stop and think about the trip. It's been a busy Christmas vacation as it always is! Loads of events, meeting friends whom I can only meet at this time of the year, spending time in my favorite places, enjoying our amazing sun and the fantastic coffee. Reading newspapers. Drinking beer. Enjoying some Portuguese wine. Finishing up some work I left behind. Recovering from the flu... Exhausting!

Now it's time to place a towel on the floor, put all the things I've listed to bring with me on it and try to fit them into the backpack. I'm sure they won't fit all, so it's important to do that as soon as possible.

Due to some back problems I'll try to keep my load around 15 Kg (Ryanair doesn't allow more than 15 kg/item dispatched and we can bring 10 with us in the cabin).

I'm always afraid I'll forget something important. So it's really important to do this now. Sometimes during my sleep (I'm not a good sleeper) I remember important things, so with 5 more nights to go, I have more chances not to miss something important :)

Another issue I'm struggling with is bringing the cell phone...I'd rather not bring it with me, will feel better if I bring it along and it will probably be quite helpful, specially as an alarm clock :p

Well, time to be active and also to say "see you soon" to everyone back home. I've done it already a month ago in Sweden and it wasn't easy...


imartins said...

Truly a Portuguese Endeavour!
Have you considered using geotagging? You can use it in real time or after the trip to automatically map where you took the pictures, to have a really detailed path of your trip, etc.
Good luck and be careful letting the “three sheets to the wind”.

Me Myself and I said...

Que grande ideia! Vai ser de certeza uma experiência muito gratificante.

Espero que corra tudo bem. Vou tentar seguir essa aventura, fiquei curiosa! :)

CHV said...

I can hardly wait to kick your ass away from here!
Go get'em!