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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


It feels so great to be back on the road! Leave the stress and worries of the daily work behind! :)

And travel alone again, always a challenge, but that is getting easier and easier.

I arrive in Reykjavik mid afternoon and walk up the hill from the BSI terminal. I easily find the hostel, the reviews in hostelworld and tripadvisor are amazing, so I am very curious! And I am not disappointed! Our House. Friendly, cosy and right at the centre. And very important for a guy who turns thirty today... away from big crowds and noisy groups like huge backpackers hostels.

Reykjavik is music, relaxation, bars, cafes. All I needed before the demanding 4 days hike from Landmannalaugur to Thorsmork.

I spent the first three days in Reykjavik and around. Next week I will be here again. One day I went to the blue lagoon with Robert, an Austrian I met at the hostel, who also lives in Stockholm and who goes to the same places I go in Stockholm. Damn coincidence! The 2nd day I did the golden circle, a short tour that goes through Geisir - the geiser after whom all geisers in the world are named -, Gulfoss - impressive waterfalls - , and þingvellir National Park - place of the first world parliament. It´s a nice circuit, that doesn´t take that much time and anyone who only has a few days in Iceland should do.

The evenings have been spent hanging out in bars with Robert and other guest from the Guesthouse. Laundromat cafe is my favourite. Cool place, right in the center, great service. Unfortunately during weekdays everything closes at 1 am, so I still haven´t experienced the famous Icelandic nightlife. That will come next week, when Samuel arrives.

Next stop, exhilarating landscapes in Southern Iceland :)

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