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Sunday, February 12, 2012

The LANDMANNALAUGAR trek and the 2nd week with Sammy

Many months later, patience to write and upload the pictures never arrived! I'm very happy with the new lens I bought for the camera.

The trek was amazing. 4 days, 4 distinct landscapes. Day one, golden mountains covered here and there in snow, ending with a 1-2 hours hike in the snow. Met a really nice Scottish couple who were my hiking companions for the rest of the trip.

Day two, the green valley and the lake where the shelter was located. Simply amazing.

Day three, the ashes desert (and sharing the treks with the adventure marathon!)

Day four, the glaciers and returning to Reykjavik.

The second week I met a colleague from work and we went on a road trip north, to the fjords, bird watching and whale watching.

In the end, a fantastic party weekend in Reykjavik!

Conclusion, I love Iceland :)

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